About Matsushima town of Miyagi prefecture

Matsushima town, situated in Miyagi prefecture is known for its beautiful view, which can be considered as one of the top three views in Japan. It is a prestigious tourist hotspot where you can enjoy a series of breathtaking sceneries.

From Matsushima bay, you will get a glimpse of the panoramic view displaying 260 islands various in sizes which made it possible to earn three stars from Michelin Green Guide Japan.
Its beauty gained popularity worldwide and attracts a great number of foreign tourists every year.

Furthermore, Matsushima is a town deeply related to Masamune Date, a famous general of Sengoku period, who represented the entire area of Tohoku.
This is the reason why the town is full of historic monuments such as Zuigan temple and Godai shrine, where you can relate to Japanese history.

One of the charms of voyage to Matsushima is being able to try its fresh seafood. Above all, the town is well-known for its top-quality oysters especially, from October to March, you can enjoy the rich texture of chubby oysters which tastes like heaven.

Since it takes 40 minutes by subway from Tohoku Shinkansen Sendai station, the access is also great. If you get to visit Tohoku, you will not want to miss beautiful sights and rich history of Matsushima.

Matsushima Matsushima Oyster

Tell me more about Matsushima fish market!

Matsushima fish market is 10-minute walk from Senseki line Matsushimakaigan station and it is situated at the center of the town where you can feel the exuberant atmosphere of tourists from in and out of Japan.
Run by a captain who owns 7 huge tuna fishing boats, all kinds of fresh seafoods are in display and any of them will make a fine souvenir of , a famous prefecture for its seafood.

At the second floor of the building, there is a spacious eating area and you can enjoy the fresh taste of the sea right away. There is a variety of dishes to choose from and without any doubt you will find something tempting.

Of course, you can also try fine Matsushima oysters. The market is full of customers participating in events such as tuna cutting show and other monthly events where fresh seasonal seafood are distributed for free.

Please, eat, buy, participate and have fun at Matsushima fish market.

Matsushima Matsushima


Sushi, donburi, barbecue, ramen and so on, we have prepared various plates made from ingredients of the season.
Furthermore, tunas caught and delivered right from our boats excel in tastiness and freshness.
In annex, there is Yakigaki House and its 45-minute grilled oyster buffet is very popular. During oyster season, it becomes so crowded that you have to wait in a long line in order to enter.

If you get to come to Matsushima, please do not miss our original menus!



Matsushima fish market has more than 1500 kinds of raw fish and frozen fish from all over Japan. In the spacious floor, there are dried fish, canned fish meat and fish cake which can be hardly found elsewhere.You will be surely pleased by watching them.

For yourself or for the others, please take the fresh seafood as your souvenir of the voyage.


Matsushima fish market is the best place for fresh and fine tuna!

Since it is run by the captain of tuna fishing boats, we are highly confident of the quality of our tuna which we freeze right after capturing it in order to keep its freshness.

Although Matsushima is famous for its oysters, we recommend tuna at Matsushima fish market as well. It is a good choice for either a souvenir or a present.

At the restaurant of second floor, you can have maguro donburi or sushi.



Matsushima fish market

Address postal code 981-0213
Miyagi prefecture, Miyagi county, Matsushima town, Matsushima Fugendo, 4-10
Access 15 minutes by car from Matsushimakaigan IC
10-minute walk from Senseki line Matsushimakaigan station
  • Car(free)
  • Tour bus(free)
  • Van(free up to 60)

Opening hours

From Monday to Sunday (open year-round)

From 9:00AM to 16:00PM

Food Serving hours:1F From 9:00AM to 15:00PM

2F From 10:00AM to 15:00PM

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